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Azamru Experience Israel services the Heimishe community. For our group tours or your private trip we will arrange hotel accommodations, apartment rentals, and trips around Israel.

Our trips include ancient landmarks, Kivrei Tzadikim and action-adventure trips. We'll provide entertainment and cuisine food, with the highest standards of kashrus and any other arrangements you'll need.

Our experienced Heimishe tour guides are passionate about each tour and will interact with the group discussions and questions.

Azamru Experience Israel can also arrange your private event in Israel. Whether it's for a Simcha, a reunion or for Yom Tov, we'll arrange where you and your guests will stay, what you'll eat and where you'll go for the entire trip!


It's not too late to join our Spring Tour to Jewish, historical and memorable sites across Europe!

I enjoyed every minute of my trip with Azamru Experience Israel. They coordinated my travel arrangements and every detail of the trip. It was a true vacation! - N.D., Brooklyn, NY

My son's bar mitzvah was a real success with Azamru's help. They spoke to the caterer and arranged our itinerary for before and after the Simcha. All of our guests really enjoyed themselves. - T.E., LA, California

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