Private and Group Tours
Services We Provide

Azamru offers a full range of services to make your trip easy and memorable!

Our group tours offer complete packages or we can arrange the following services for your custom tour or event:

• Tours

We offer tour guides, private drivers and full tours to locations across Israel and Europe.

• Apartments

Our trip specialists will help you choose the apartment rental that suits your needs and budget.

• Food

Our tours include full meals and we can arrange for food for your custom tour.

• Hotels

We can choose the best hotels in each area for the duration of your trip. Of course for our tours we only choose high-rated accommodations for your safety and comfort.

• Itineraries

We can prepare entire itineraries that include trips across the country. We'll take your interests, group ages and size, budget and needs into consideration.

• Events

We're not just tours! We can also arrange your private event including the hall, caterer, entertainment and more.

• Cellphones

No need to worry about keeping in touch. We'll arrange a cellphone rental and ensure you have it as soon as you need it.


It's not too late to join our Spring Tour to Jewish, historical and memorable sites across Europe!

I enjoyed every minute of my trip with Azamru Experience Israel. They coordinated my travel arrangements and every detail of the trip. It was a true vacation! - N.D., Brooklyn, NY

My son's bar mitzvah was a real success with Azamru's help. They spoke to the caterer and arranged our itinerary for before and after the Simcha. All of our guests really enjoyed themselves. - T.E., LA, California

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