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Lag B'Omer in Israel!
May 3, 2015 - May 11, 2015

The Lag B'Omer tour is unique because interest in the numerous tour sites can vary for men, women, children and families.

Our women tour is tailored to the interests and needs of the attendees. We provide a female tour guide and arrange entertainment that would be appreciated by the women. We place utmost importance in security and comfort for the duration of the tour.

The tour includes trips to Meron, Tzfas and Tiveria. These trips complete the Lag B'Omer in Israel experience.

Private Lag B'Omer tours are also available.

Private Lag B'Omer tours are also available. Experience a Lag B'Omer trip with a friend, sibling or child and meet other great women! Call us at 718-569-6925!

Trip Services We Arrange:

  • Cell Phone Rentals
  • Airport Trips
  • And more...!

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Azamru's Israel group tours include trips to the Dead Sea area, Jerusalem sites, Golan and Galil Trips. Our tours include trips to Kevarim and holy burial sites, mountains and lookout points, ancient landmarks and fun adventure trips. The tours are designed to explore historical sites and discover the unique elements of Israel.

Azamru's Europe Tours include visits to places in Croatia, Austria and Switzerland. Our tours visit beautiful lakes, museums, cable car rides, shopping, national parks, and historical landmarks. We also place special emphasis on discovering Jewish history within each location of the tour.

Mr. Lichtenstein is our Chief Tour Guide. Together with his staff they plan and direct Azamru tours with expertise, while expressing their passion for The Land.